time to shine

once again, the holiday season is upon us. hope everyone has a merry christmas and a very happy new year!!


animation block party

the bear found himself in the big apple earlier in the summer. as a part of the 2009 animation block party.



here is fred's chicken jam film. fred used the voice talent of Ian Fults.


chicken jam

meet fred. he is the star of my short film i submitted for the 2009 TAIS chicken jam that was screened at the 2009 TAIS Animation Showcase.

hot pink shorts

here is the sign off piece i did for 'hot pink shorts' on OutTV. yes, the shorts fold themselves, chalk that one up to budget.


bear in cleveland

the bear still gets some love & attention. back in march he was screened in Cleveland, USA!!

i'd rather be...


a mighty pen on frederator

a little while back, the beards had a pretty feature interview with channel frederator regarding our last stop motion piece. "thepenismightier" took the 'best editing' award at the 2008 Trick17 stop motion competition here in Vancouver. we like prizes. here is the link to the interview.


happy bunnie day

a little bit of a spin on the ole' easter egg hunt idea. i was volunteered to make the poster for the social committee at work. here is the artwork all by its lonesome.
slap some copy on it and wahlaa! (yes, i shamefully applied a glorious gradient onto the title header, and i would do it again if given the chance!!) the poster turned out to be a surprise hit with the committee, who in turn, decided to take the black & white version and make a colouring contest for the employee's kiddies.


seasons greetings on the fly

whistler film festival

going into december, the bear hit the slopes!! i heart whistler!


conan contest

the beards crew busted off a quick (very quick) contest entry for the conan show during the summer. swing and a miss but got some good practice in. here is the actual entry by everyone and the boards i scrambled together from the contest.

festival summer

the little hotdog scamp saw a lot of ground this summer; due to his festival appearances. popular fella it seems.

especially with the frequent flying during the Air Canada Enroute Festival, he became a mile high club member of sorts, not bad for a polar bear i reckon.


rhino & dino dinner

downtime at the studio... doodle


coloring book

finally found something useful for my sketchbook drawings... here is the cover from the coloring book i made for my wee little cousins

san francisco women's festival

my bear was in good company and joined choom & temris to represent the ladies at the 2008 San Francisco women's film festival back at the beginning in april. of course chicks rock!