putting boards

ideas gotta start somewhere...


bunnies & cupcakes

careful what you wish for... you just might get stuck with it...
for matt and maury


ho ho ho

merry christmas everybody!!

trick 17

along with a group of vfs alumni and one hi-jacked d.i.p. instructor, we participated in the 2007 trick 17 stop motion competition. so after 50 odd hours, a case of red bull and one exploited moose photocopy... you have our masterpiece 'can't stop the hip hop'

oh by the way, we won best picture in the competition too!! (toot toot!!) here is the whole team with our big sweet prize!

this is a shot from one of the sets i help build for the film.

jack a lopen

here is jacques... in b&w!!

happy anniversary dwayne & rita

happy 25th anniversary dwayne & rita!!

hold the mustard

here is my bear! starring in 'hold the mustard', the short film i directed and animated during my time at vfs. the whole film was animated the good ole classical way, all hand drawn!

thanks are in order for the Royal Crown Revue who allowed me to use their song 'hey pachuco' www.rcr.com

so wallaaa! here is my baby 'hold the mustard'!

putting along

'putting along' was the second short film i directed and animated at vfs. it was built with macromedia flash 8 and my buddy photoshop.

i would like to thank luke mathers for doing the sound recording and jason mcnamar for providing me the voice talent for the short.


so here she is in all her glory... 'putting along' the movie...

animation poses

these are some animation keys taken from the big projects made at vfs.

hold the mustard storyboards

a sample of the storyboards that were developed for 'hold the mustard'

some stills

here are a few stills from 'hold the mustard'

mort & ted

storyboard samples from the vfs assignment about mort & ted.

the bear!

'hold the mustard' character turn arounds

red & billy

dipping in the vault, i found some old favorites of mine. these children book illustrations were created while attending acad.

various character designs

these characters were developed while attending vfs.

putting along character builds

character builds and props from my flash short, 'putting along'

multi-plane layout

this is a multi-plane layout assignment from vfs.

these are the individual levels for my multi-plane layout assignment.

hold the mustard backgrounds

this is a collection of the backgrounds from my film, 'hold the mustard'. they were created using pencils, watercolor and my good friend photoshop!

putting along backgrounds

background designs from my flash short film 'putting along'.

background assignments

here are a few background assignments from vfs.

life drawing for adam

here is a collection of life drawings while attending vfs.